Wanna know what song you’re gonna get real tired of hearing after awhile…

“Funky President” by James Brown.

If Obama manages to pull this off, the Inaugural Ball is going to have some of the best music ever. Bet on it.

You’re gonna hear such classics as Parliament-Funkadelic’s “Chocolate City” and probably Nas’s “Black President” on a loop along with “Funky President”.

Oh, by the way, Obama just took Virginia. This means he’s only 50 delegates from being president of the United States. California should take care of that.

And all before midnight. That means my little nieces and nephews can see the first African American president and still be in bed in enough time to be well rested for school.

One comment

  1. My daughter says she can’t sleep. I told her just chill. When Obama gets to 270 she’ll know because I’m gonna be screaming like a sissy!As for music, how can you leave out “Chocolate City.”For shame, Denise.

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