Month: May 2008

Now he tells us….

Let’s call this picture “Portrait of a Dude Lying His Ass Off”.
Because according to former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan, that’s exactly what he did.
In his new book “What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington’s Culture of Deception”, McClellan says what many have suspected all along: that President George W. Bush and company lied to the American public throughout the run up to the war, conducted a “permanent campaign” to advance the political interests of Republicans, and constructed the 2003 debate over the war in Iraq in such a way that using force against Saddam Hussein would be seen as the only possible option.
McClellan also said that when he was standing in front of the White House press corps defending folks like Karl Rove and Lewis “Scooter” Libby, he was also engaging in White House spin doctoring. He then takes a shot at the White House Press Corps for buying into the spin and not asking the tough questions.
But wow! I know who’s no longer invited for barbecue at the Crawford Ranch. I wonder if Jenna’s going to return his wedding present now.
Naturally, the more stalwart FOBs (Friends of Bush) have weighed in and they’re not real happy that not only has McClellan gone off the reservation, but has called Tony Stark and borrowed his Iron Man suit, complete with tank-destroying mini-rockets, for the trip.
For example, the aformentioned Rove says that McClellan is channeling “left wing bloggers”, the current White House Press Secretary Dana Perino says Bush is “disappointed” and Ari Fleisher, the dude that was Bush’s first press secretary, says McClellan should have voiced his reservations when he had the chance instead of when he could cash in.
First of all, from what I’ve seen of the Bush administration, McClellan would have had to go through Vice President Dick Chaney if he wanted to stop the War In Iraq train. I don’t know if I would want to tangle with a guy so gangsta that he can shoot someone in the face and then get the victim to apologize to him for the inconvenience.
And secondly, on some level Fleisher, of whom it’s been said that you can tell when he’s lying because his lips are moving and sound is coming out, is right.
I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of people waiting until they can make a few bucks off of it to let their consciences be their guide.
Over 4,000 people have been killed in this war and I know that their parents are pissed for not only the lying, but the timing. I know that this won’t happen, but if McClellan is really trying to get right with God, might I suggest donating some of the loot he’s gonna make off of this book to a Iraqi War Veterans group or two?
But while McClellan’s book will go into the “no shit, Sherlock” section of most people’s bookshelves, I’m glad that he pointed something out that needed to be: the press’s complicity in this war.
I have a friend who works for the Mayor’s office here in Philly and he called me recently for advice on how to cultivate relationships with reporters. One of the things that I told him was to be nice.
I said that because in the modern press if you’re nice to reporters, they sometimes forget to ask you the kinds of questions that they should be asking. Like, for example, Do you know exactly where these weapons of mass destruction are and are you sure that they still exist?
For much of the last eight years, the press has played lapdog instead of watchdog. We’ve given more energy to finding out who George Clooney is dating than to what is being done in the American public’s name.
While I’m sure that much of this is due to a lack of resources brought on by media consolidation and a fear on the part of news organizations that they’ll be denied access to the White House if they play too rough, that’s sad. And I’m pretty sure that Mr. Clooney would totally agree with me.
(By the way, go out and get a copy of “Good Night and Good Luck” and get a look at what television news was supposed to be. It’s an excellent film.)
It’s especially sad that Scott McClellan has to be the one to point out the press’s lapdog status, seeing as he was the lead one rubbing the doggie’s belly for awhile. If the White House Press Corps would have been as vigilant on the War in Iraq as it was in finding out which ugly trailer park chick or needy intern President Bill Clinton was shagging, a lot of lives could have been spared.
But it wouldn’t have made as interesting of reading as The Starr Report, would it?
Hopefully, the press will learn from this multi-million, thousands of lives lost, mistake and resume its watchdog function….because there’s a lot of watching that still needs to be done.

Woman on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Throughout most of the 2008 Presidential race, I’ve had to go out and do some homework on a lot of things that I don’t know much about such as sniper fire and bitterness.
But I’ve gotta thank former Vice Presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro for allowing me to do something on a topic that I actually know something about—being a black journalist.
According to the American Society of Newspaper Editors, a group comprised of daily newspaper editors, the number of people of color working in the daily press is 13.62 percent. Of that 13.62 percent, 5.36 are black. That doesn’t include folks like me who freelance, write for weeklies, blog, teach and are otherwise off the daily grind.
The numbers in broadcast journalism are a little better. A study done by the Radio and Television News Directors Association, says that of the 21.5 percent of journalists of color currently working in television, 10.1 percent are black.
Now you’re probably saying to yourself, “That’s a bunch of really interesting information, but what’s it doing here?”
Well, according to Ferraro, if Sen. Hillary Clinton isn’t the Democratic nominee for president, this relatively small group of media professionals is the reason why.
You see, because Sen. Barack Obama has the advantage of being black, and don’t even get me started on that, he has the advantage of having black journalists who parrot his talking points, Ferraro said.
Because there’s only one place where she could say this without being looked at as if she had two heads —Fox News—Ferraro made her case to Shepard Smith, an anchor for that august news organization, citing this as another example of sexism in the campaign. Play the above video if you want the whole scoop.
First of all, I’m starting to believe that in the minds of Clinton’s most hardcore supporters anything less than a total endorsement of their candidate constitutes sexism. Just like I don’t think that every fight between two people of different races is a racist fight, I don’t think that everyone who isn’t supportive of a specific woman is sexist.
And secondly, if Ferraro had been paying attention to the entire campaign, she’d know that she was talking out of a place from where speech doesn’t usually generate…namely her ass.
When Obama announced his candidacy, my friend Vince, who is a political consultant, said he’d have more trouble getting black folks to support him than whites.
Why? Because blacks in America have been down for so long that when someone has a legitimate shot of moving up, they’re afraid that they won’t make it. So why bother, he says.
I saw that first hand when the National Association of Black Journalists met in Las Vegas last year and Obama came to speak to the group. He arrived 15 minutes late and joked about how such lateness is commonly referred to as “colored peoples” or CP time.
(I also call it Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell Time, but that’s just me. Man is late for everything!)
Obama then asked if by doing so, was he now ‘black enough’. He then went on to chastise the group for ‘lazy reporting’ by allowing that phrase to even escape their pens.
Also, if you remember correctly, Clinton had roughly 90 percent of the black vote before black voters started to consider Obama seriously.
So I had no idea where Ferraro was coming from. Neither did Barbara Ciara, president of the NABJ.
“NABJ is outraged that a former vice presidential candidate would suggest that all black reporters are mouthpieces for the Obama campaign,” she said in a statement. “To suggest this shows not only a stunning lack of judgment but also her unapologetic bigotry. Ms. Ferraro used her appearance on Fox News to reinforce stereotypes that suggest that black reporters can’t be trusted to cover another person of color without bias and favoritism.”
And it’s that assumption on the part of Ferraro and what it’s going to mean to my brothers and sisters in the black journalistic fraternity that sent Denise’s Pissed Off meter into the red.
Without actually being an African American female journalist, it’s kind of hard for you to understand what I’ve had to go through to have a career in this business.
Unless you’ve walked even a centimeter in my shoes, you don’t understand the askance looks I’ve gotten when I’ve asked questions like “Are you sure this is the picture you want to run?” when it’s the front page and said photo is of some young black man in handcuffs.
You don’t have a clue of how I feel when I have to explain to my fairly educated colleagues why I might have reservations about interviewing the local Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan by myself. You don’t get how sad and angry it made me when a colleague said to me “You’re only here because you’re black and they needed to make their quota,” thus totally dismissing my talent.
Multiply my experiences by 50 and you may come close to understanding how black political reporters are probably feeling right now. Here are people who have worked hard to get a plum job—the chance to cover an historic presidential campaign—and because of some woman who’s clearly lost her damned mind, their objectivity is being unfairly questioned.
Now I’m going to say this to Sen. Clinton’s supporters and I hope that they listen good and listen tight because I’m only going to say this once and I’m not going to say it again.
Hillary is the reason why Hillary is losing. Not black journalists. Not those mean old sexist men. Not the media as a whole. Not Barack Obama. Hillary.
When she didn’t lock up the nomination on Super Tuesday like she had assumed she would, Clinton and company didn’t have a good plan B. She had a lot of bad ones, and she’s used almost all of them, but she didn’t have a good one.
Plus, as my friend Vince says, “People vote for the candidate, not the staff.” Or, to put it more succinctly, people just like Obama better.
I knew that something was up when Obama sold out the Free Library of Philadelphia last fall. I don’t know if it was the little old ladies who were ready to sneak into the library to see him like groupies sneaking into a rock concert or the couple that came all the way here from Chicago and tried to bribe a guard to let them in, but I sensed a change in the weather.
Why Clinton’s supporters didn’t catch it at the time, I don’t know. But it’s obvious that they get it now.
Otherwise, they wouldn’t be so in search of external forces to blame.
Just lay off of journalists of color, okay? We have enough things to fight as it is.

A hardening of the arteries in the Body Politic

Let me start this post with an apology to those of you who stop by this space every day for going so long without something new to say.
When I re-started this blog, my intention was to write every day, or close to every day, so that folks couldn’t come to it on a daily basis and find old stuff. Fresh content is everything on the Internets. So I’m sorry that I haven’t been on my game lately.
While busyness is the principal cause of that, some of it came from a need to step back for a minute and fully take in just how rough it’s become in Political Land.
Now don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I’m naive enough to believe that things have ever been different. I do live in Philadelphia and to keep it real, the political landscape here is almost Wild West-like in its brutality. Our municipal flag should have “Survival of the Fittest” on it because that’s what you have to be to make it out of our primaries without gunshot wounds.
But when I see some of the things that folks are saying about those with whom they politically disagree, it lets me know that the gloves have come off and that the First Amendment is being observed in all of its take-no-prisoners glory.
Just how mean and nasty our politics have become hit me on Tuesday when Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Because of the type of tumor it is, a glioma, doctors are trying to figure out what treatment to give him and how much time he’s got left.
Admittedly, the coverage of this news got on my nerves a little bit. I was watching CNN and it was as if Kennedy was found dead on the floor of the Senate for all of the hand wringing.
But some of the reaction in the blogosphere was disheartening. I haven’t seen the word “Chappaquiddick” that many times in print in awhile. The bile was flowing like a mighty stream.
And it was totally inappropriate.
Do I recognize that Ted Kennedy was Bill Clinton before Bill Clinton? Yes. He partied hard, had fun with the ladies, and nearly trashed his career because of it.
But do I also recognize that unlike the former president Kennedy got himself together, decided that power wasn’t nearly as important as happiness, and decided to stand for the stuff he believed in rather than to compromise, although he was in the minority a whole lot and probably became a better person in the process? Yep on that, too.
While I don’t believe that folks should necessarily give him credit or agree with him because he’s ill, I do believe that kicking someone when they’re down is never cool; using a steel-toed boot even less so.
Another thing that made me a little squeamish was the attack ad that the Tennessee Republican Party put together using Michelle Obama. When her husband Barack told them to lay off, I was glad to see that chivalry wasn’t dead.
But I went on a listserve I belong to and saw Democrats demonizing Sen. Obama for saying “lay off” when it comes to his wife and saying that he’s not fit to be the Democratic nominee because he can’t take attacks like this. I don’t know when allowing someone you love to be called names became a virtue, but I guess that it is in this case.
Mind you, these were also the same people who have called Sen. Obama some nasty names during the campaign because they’re Hillary Clinton supporters and believe that in order to build her up, you have to tear him down.
But to be fair, I’ve seen some pretty nasty things said about Sen. Clinton as well. Silly me, I thought that to be a bitch you had to walk on all fours and bark. If the presidential races have taught me nothing else, they’ve taught me that I’m wrong about that.
And I’ve done all this without getting into the ageism that’s being thrown at Sen. John McCain.
Unfortunately, it seems to me that this is going to be a nasty, nasty campaign. I was hoping for less vitriol and more issue discussions, but it appears that it’s not going to happen. Vitriol is easier.
And because of that, I’ll be looking at a package of $20 chicken wings the next time that I go to the grocery store.
Now I don’t know if there’s enough Plavix to undo the hardening of our political arteries in this case, but we’ve got to find a way to cure the sickness that’s in our politics.
It’s a luxury we can’t afford anymore.
But hey, what do I know? I’m pretty sure that in some underground bunker there’s someone looking for a way to turn the decision by the Californina Supreme Court allowing gays and lesbians to get married into a nice, juicy wedge issue for the fall.

The Candidate for White America

My Significant Other and I made a bet recently.
The bet is, How long will it take someone in Republican presidential candidate John McCain’s camp to drop the N-word if Sen. Barack Obama is running against him as the Democratic nominee.
He says it’ll be within minutes. Being the optimist, I said it would take at least a month. The loser buys the winner dinner at Striped Bass, one of Philly’s premier restaurants.
However, an article in Thursday’s USA Today tells me that perhaps I should perhaps try and get my dinner at Striped Bass before the end of the Democratic nominating contests because if what she said in that article is any indication, Hillary Clinton’s coming real close to dropping the N-word on Obama any minute now.
You see, Hillary’s the candidate for White America, and White America isn’t ready for a Black Man in the White House, she says.
Think I’m kiddin’? Here’s the science that the woman who was married to the nation’s alleged First Black President dropped on USA Today:
“I have a much broader base to build a winning coalition on,” she said. As evidence, Clinton cited an Associated Press article “that found how Sen. Obama’s support among working, hard-working Americans, white Americans, is weakening again, and how whites in both states who had not completed college were supporting me. There’s a pattern emerging here,” she said.
But by saying this I’m not being racially divisive, Clinton said. She then added “These are the people you have to win if you’re a Democrat in sufficient numbers to actually win the election. Everybody knows that.”
Now she may have a point here. Exit polls in North Carolina and Indiana, the most recent primary states, show that Clinton won the votes of six out of every 10 whites. Obama tends not to do as well with uneducated whites and Catholics as she does and statistics show this. The same held true here in Pennsylvania and will probably hold true in West Virginia and Kentucky, two of the next states to hold primaries.
But there’s a few things that Clinton fails to recognize.
(1) While many of us know of Idaho because we like potatoes, Idaho is famous for something else in civil rights circles. Idaho was the birthplace of the Aryan Nation, one of the world’s most notorious hate groups. A lot of the people I know started to think that this Obama chap might be for real when he won the primary there, because if you can win in a place that can create that type of hate, you might be able to win the whole banana.
(2) These are Democratic primaries. The whites and Catholics that are voting in these are Democrats already. You probably won’t get the ones that have been circling November in their calendars so that they can get busloads of their friends to come out and vote against you. Are you forgetting that your last name is Clinton?
(3) White folks and Catholics aren’t the only ones that will be going to the polls in November. Blacks, Latinos, Asians, Native Americans, gays, lesbians and everyone else will be heading to the polls to cast a vote. You can talk all of the “whites are the most important” stuff that you want, but there aren’t enough Latino voters in this country yet to offset the damage you’ll take if you piss black folks off enough to either stay home or vote for the other guy.
(and in case Clinton doesn’t think that’ll happen, I know of a couple of black folks off of the top of my head that will run to John McCain in a heartbeat if she’s the nominee.)
(4) It’s one think to think something like this. It’s another thing to say it.
From Super Tuesday to now, it’s been evident to me and other folks crazy enough to observe this stuff for a living that Hillary Clinton’s campaign had no good plan B if Super Tuesday didn’t fulfill it’s promise of being the Democratic nomination knockout punch.
However, they’ve had a whole host of bad ones and this is just the latest.
Public Relations 101: If your client is about to stay something stupid to a reporter, you stop them before it comes out of their mouth or practice serious damage control to make sure that it never sees the light of day.
For failing to do either of those things, Howard Wolfson should be fired right fucking now! What was he doing, smoking crack in a back room when you were doing this interview? Was he listening to Harold Ickes have one of his world-famous profanity laden tirades or something? (I worked on the Clinton/Gore campaign in 1996. I saw Ickes in action. It’s a sight to behold, I’m tellin’ you.)
If the goal for your campaign Sen. Clinton was to prove to the American public that you can surround yourself with people almost as incompetent as the ones that President George W. Bush has surrounded himself with, I’d say you’ve succeeded. If you’ve paid these jokers $5, you’ve paid too much.
Now everyone tells me that the Clintons aren’t racist. Black folks still love this couple despite the fact that they’ve been dealing race cards from the bottom of the deck for months now.
But Hillary, you’re not doing yourself any favors right now. In fact, you’re looking like a Ivy League educated redneck. (I’ve met a couple of those. Don’t laugh.)
Since you insist on staying in the race, I suggest that you do yourself and your legacy a favor and start to think before you talk.
Unless you are thinking before you talk and crap like this is coming out. If that’s the case, I’m terrified for you.

Are we there yet?

It’s 11:53 eastern time.
I decided to come onto the blog a little later than usual because I figured that it would be all over but the shouting by the time I started writing. I figured that I’d be able to just do a straight “who won/who lost/what does this mean” piece on the ole Mad (political) Scientist blog.
But I should have known it wouldn’t be that easy.
You see, and this is something that you should keep under your hat for November, I have relatives in Ohio and Indiana. They’re the relatives who’s elevators haven’t seen the top floor in a minute. They’re the ones that come to the family reunion and almost set the house on fire during the cookout. They’re the ones that go to Atlantic City and lose the money they’re supposed to use to get home.
In other words, they’re the biggest black sheep in a family filled with them.
Because of this, I also should have known that there would be a glitch with the Indiana primary. As I write this, a big chunk of Indiana’s vote, a chunk that probably includes several of my relatives, hasn’t been counted yet.
This chunk includes several predominately black cities like Gary, which before this was most famous for being the place where Michael Jackson lived as a good looking black boy before moving to Los Angeles and becoming a rather grotesque looking white woman.
(Sorry! Couldn’t resist!)
What looked like a pretty comfortable victory for Sen. Hillary Clinton in Indiana has turned into a nail biter. (See what happens when you do your acceptance speech before all of the votes are counted?)
In fact, CBS was the lone network that called it a Clinton victory. No doubt, they’ll blame this on Katie Couric somehow.
As for North Carolina, Sen. Barack Obama won it by 14 points. Some folks thought that Clinton had a shot at the upset here, but they were probably the same folks that thought that Obama had a shot at the upset in Pennsylvania.
What these folks didn’t realize is that when you’re up by 20 or more points in a state, you’re supposed to win that state. Although Clinton only won Pennsylvania by 9 percent, she was up by 20 percent with six weeks until the primary. Obama won by 14 percent in North Carolina, but he was up by 30 at one point.
If either the Pennsylvania or North Carolina primary was won by anyone other than the person who did win it, both of these folks would have to seriously consider conceding the Presidential race to Sen. John McCain. The only group of people that I know of who have lost a lead that big and have managed to come back for more is the New York Mets.
(And the only reason they’re back is because it’s a whole new baseball season. They’re still in the same place, behind my Philadelphia Phillies, but it’s still early.)
But what’s really cracking me up is to listen to MSNBC’s talking heads pontificate about whether or not these election returns will make Clinton finally drop out of the race.
The fact that they’re even asking that tells me that these folks haven’t been listening. Clinton is going nowhere until she’s looking at math she can’t make fuzzy. Obama may be less than 200 delegates away from the nomination, and may be surging further ahead in the popular vote, but if you think Clinton’s dropping out after tonight, I have to ask you what part of “I’m going to keep fighting” is giving you syntax problems.
Besides, she’s got her finger in the ring of the pin attached to the Superdelegate grenade. Clinton is just waiting for the right moment to pull it. But mark my words, unless someone sits her down and keeps it so real for her that she can’t deny it, she’ll have pulled that sucker before August.
Which is why I hope that my name is on the credentials list for the Democratic National Convention when it happens in August. I love hearing the strains of a strained chorus of Kumbaya.
If Indiana goes final before I go to sleep, I’ll be back.

Another step toward the Bar Brawl

I may have mentioned that I’m working on getting my credential to the Democratic National Convention.
Tomorrow is one of those reasons why. The folks in North Carolina and Indiana make their voices heard in their respective primaries. As usual, I’ll be blogging live, probably from my house.
(on a side note, a big thank you to the folks at Temple University’s TECH center for letting me blog from there during the Pennsylvania Primary. An extra special thanks goes out to Joe Williams, who looked out for me in the same way that he used to when he was one of my producers at WRTI in the 90s.)
According to the folks on MSNBC, the race moves from the campaign trail and into the back rooms where the superdelegates play after tomorrow. Neither Sen. Hillary Clinton or Sen. Barack Obama is going to have the number of delegates needed to clinch the Democratic presidential nomination after Indiana and North Carolina, so these superdelegates are going to have to do their job and make the decision.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I want to be on the convention floor in Denver in August. I want to be there because as a journalist, you should cover a bar brawl at least once.
Democratic National Committee chair Howard Dean has told the superdelegates that they have to have their minds made up by June. Personally, I think this is his way of trying to hand the nomination to Hillary Clinton “for the good of the party”.
Just a word to the wise Howard. Unless you want the Democratic Party to be in the minority forever, you won’t give Hillary the nomination if Barack is ahead in pledged delegates and popular vote.
You see, if my unscientific poll is any indication, you’ll bleed independents, blacks and young people. You’ll definitely bleed crossover Republicans.
In a logical world, that wouldn’t happen. But since Democrats are the only people that I’ve ever seen shoot each other in the foot and then complain because everyone’s disabled, I can totally see it.
Thus, I want to be at the convention to see who’s arm gets ripped off and whom it’s used to beat.
I’ll see you tomorrow and we’ll see what the analysts say.
But remember something. No matter what, Hillary’s not dropping out. She’s got her finger in the pin of the Superdelegate Grenade and she’s ready to pull it, no matter whom she hurts in the process. So don’t ask me if she’s dropping out should she lose either or both primaries tomorrow. It ain’t happening.

Why I’m not talkin’ bout Rev. Wright

I’m looking at the blog, and I can see that the last post that I made here was about the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s interview on Bill Moyers’ Journal.
Since then, the Rev. Wright’s made a speech to the Detroit NAACP, lost his mind at the National Press Club, and has finally made Sen. Barack Obama mad enough to throw him under the bus.
I was all set to do what everyone else in the media has done, namely share my impressions of the whole Wright imbroglio and what it means to the Obama campaign with you.
But a funny happened on the way to that post.
I went to the grocery store.
After paying my rent, student loans, and other bills, I had a grand total of $27 left in my bank account.
(I’m a writer. You know that we don’t make shit, right?)
With that money, I went to the PathMark grocery store on Oregon Avenue here in Philly in hopes of finding something to cook for dinner for the next few days.
Once upon a time, chicken was your go-to protein when you were low on funds. So, I went in search of chicken parts to fry and combine with some other stuff I bought the last time I had money, macaroni, cheese and frozen broccoli, to make a meal.
Did you know that chicken wings are going for $11 a pack now? I didn’t either. I nearly passed out from the shock.
And don’t even get me started on milk! You may as well buy a gallon of gas ’cause it’ll cost you the same.
In fact, gas prices and their impact on just about everything these days is the reason why you’ll soon have to take out a bank loan (if you can get one that is) to put food on your table.
So, I got to thinkin’…..
Part of the reason that I decided to add graduate school to the other stuff that I do is because I want to become a journalism professor and be a part of the solution to bad political reporting, not part of the problem.
That trip to the grocery store showed me that if I jump on the Rev. Wright analysis bandwagon, I become part of the problem. I become part of the mindset that makes the panel I’m going to be on at the Unity 2008 journalists’ convention that talks about wedge issues in the presidential elections like “God, Guns and Gays” necessary.
I become part of the crew that’s practicing the kind of “ooh, shiny” journalism that keeps us diverted long enough to keep us from tackling the stuff that really matters.
So instead, I decided to ask this question: What’s it going to take for us as Americans to stop focusing on the wrong shit when it comes to picking a president?
Will it take looking homelessness in the face? How about having to pay $100 for a tank of gas? Will another 4,000 dead soldiers in Iraq wake us up? Or will it it be the sight of Americans robbing each other in order to get the money to fucking eat?
It’s as if we learned nothing four years ago. You remember four years ago, don’t you? That’s when folks in depressed areas cast their votes for George W. Bush because he was against gay people getting married.
The economy was going to hell in a bucket. Poor kids with nothing but the Army as an option were getting blown up, blown away, and blown off by their government in the War In Iraq. Jobs were being shipped to places that don’t believe in paying people a living wage for their labor and oil companies were making obscene profits.
But at least we kept Steve and Michael from getting married by keeping Bush and Company in office. Yay us!
Spare me!
The sad thing is, we’re heading right down that road again. Between Sens. Hillary Clinton and John McCain, I don’t know whose made Rev. Wright more of an issue. Of course, we don’t talk about how McCain’s seeking an endorsement from a minister who called the Catholic Church “the great whore” or the fact that Clinton and Rick “man on dog love” Santorum share a pastor, but that’s okay.
I don’t really want to.
I want to talk about how jacked up the economy is and what we’re going to do about it. I want to talk about how much money we’re spending on the War in Iraq and how we’re going to extricate ourselves from this quagmire so that we can help those here in this country who need it. I want to talk about the fact that we need a health care plan in this country that can actually work instead of one that just sounds good. I want to talk about how we’re in the pocket of the ethanol lobby and how that’s impacting the price of food. I want to talk about what our government is going to do to make oil companies accountable for their price gouging ways.
In other words, I want to talk about shit that matters. I want to know what you’re going to do about the shit that impacts my life.
Now I’m not going to make any kind of an endorsement because it’s not my job to do that.
But I’m going to point something out to you and you can do with this information what you’d like.
There are two true millionaires running for president in Sens. Clinton (who went to Wellesley and Yale by the way) and McCain (who’s wife’s beer money has kept him in good stead) and neither of these folks have addressed any of these issues unless you count the whole gas tax holiday (which will just be passed on to us in the form of increased prices) thing.
What’s been cracking me up is that they’re both calling Sen. Obama, a guy who just recently paid his and his wife’s student loans with the profits from his books, an elitist. He’s also the only one who’s been trying to talk about the issues that actually make sense to talk about.
Too bad that he hasn’t been able to because he’s been so busy explaining what his pastor said.
We need to keep our eyes on the prize, America, or we’re going to remain in the same fucked up place we’re in right now.
Don’t know about you, but I would hope you’d want better.
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go to sleep now. I have to come up with new ways to make the $4 pound of hamburger that I managed to grab on Saturday stretch until I can get a few more bucks. Hopefully, I won’t have to rob anybody.