The end of the election that doesn’t end

Forgive me…

but after I tell you what I’m about to say next, you’ll understand why I’m I’m about to go all Chase Utley on y’all.

With 284 electoral votes, Barack Obama will be the next president of the United States.

President Obama.

President Fucking Obama!

I think I’m going to join the very loud party going on around me,

Wanna know what song you’re gonna get real tired of hearing after awhile…

“Funky President” by James Brown.

If Obama manages to pull this off, the Inaugural Ball is going to have some of the best music ever. Bet on it.

You’re gonna hear such classics as Parliament-Funkadelic’s “Chocolate City” and probably Nas’s “Black President” on a loop along with “Funky President”.

Oh, by the way, Obama just took Virginia. This means he’s only 50 delegates from being president of the United States. California should take care of that.

And all before midnight. That means my little nieces and nephews can see the first African American president and still be in bed in enough time to be well rested for school.

Holy crap!

Obama just won Ohio!

I used to live in Columbus, so I know just how tough it was for that brother to do that. Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Columbus (Ohio State) must have really represented.

And the World Cafe is rockin’, folks. People who shouldn’t be booty dancin’ are. The base is rocking so hard from the DJ that I can feel it in my chest.

He freakin’ won Ohio. Ain’t that some shit!

Sorry I’m late….

But it took me a little while to find a place to do the whole Mad Political Scientist thing.

I’m blogging from a place called World Cafe Live, which is on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania. It’s the only nightclub I’ve ever been to that has wifi, but I ain’t mad at ’em. They are an Ivy….

These folks are happy…real happy. The event is called, originally enough, “Ciroc the Vote”, is sponsored by Ciroc Vodka, and will go down in history as the only political event in which you can hear: “The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire! We don’t need no water, let the muthafucka burn!”

By the way, Sen. Barack Obama has won Pennsylvania, New York, Michigan, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, Wisconsin, Vermont, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and, of course, his home state, Illinois.

But I’m not going to get happy yet. You see, I’ve covered enough political campaigns to know that some rank shit can jump off at any time.

Back in a minute…