A Turkey Day shout-out

It’s the Thanksgiving Blog…

Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving, and when you get past the fact that we’re celebrating the taking of land from Native Americans by English settlers with turkey, macaroni and cheese and lots and lots of football, it’s really not that bad a holiday.

(And don’t even get me started about those of us who were forced to cook these grand meals because we were enslaved. That’s another post for another time.)

But although Thanksgiving gets short shrift from retailers (it’s looking a lot like Christmas in most convenience stores these days) it provides lots of ammunition for folks like me who blog about politics.

Why? The annual Turkey Pardon. Politicians the world over make fools of themselves with this ritual on a pretty regular basis…and this year was no exception.

Let’s start first with George W. Bush. He pardoned the last turkeys of his tenure as president, Pumpkin and Pecan, on the White House Lawn today. The turkeys, who stayed in the Blair House hotel in DC last night and were probably treated to a table dance as part of their stay, were spared the indignity of being the center of attraction on the White House table when Bush sent them to Disney World to live out their days and serve as grand marshalls for the amusement park’s Thanksgiving Parade. He was actually pretty funny:

And then, there was the turkey that found itself on the short end of a pardon from Alaska Governor (and Republican Vice Presidential candidate) Sarah Palin. Last week, Palin went to a turkey farm in Wasilla, Alaska to pardon one lucky bird for Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, that amnesty didn’t apply to his feathered friends, one of whom met his fate while Palin was being interviewed on television:

To quote Keith Olbermann: “What is it going to take to make her turn around?” Yikes!

But here’s a news flash folks, this isn’t going to be the last time that we see La Palin pallin’ around with livestock. Because she’s an early contender for 2012 and the new face of the Republican Party (whether it likes it or not), we’re going to see the Alaska Turkey Pardon every year for the next four.

Hopefully, that won’t always be followed with a look at the fate of the poor schmoe who wasn’t picked.

Anyway, Thanksgiving is a day during which you count your blessings. This year, I was blessed with the ability to go to graduate school, really good friends, a kick-ass family, and everyone within the sound of my blog, or for want of a better way to put it, you.

I thank you for taking the time to look at my warped view of the political world each week and I appreciate your time. Here’s hoping that your Thanksgiving is the best it can be.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have an appointment with my mom’s macaroni and cheese that I simply can’t miss!