Someone I’ve missed

I probably shouldn’t want to talk to Keith Olbermann because he made a liar out of me.

You see, when Comcast bought NBC Universal, I thought that because his show was the number one show on MSNBC Keith Olbermann was relatively safe. I thought, “Comcast is nothing if not a multinational conglomerate seeking to make tons of money. There’s no way they’d get rid of one of the largest of their cash cows!”

But then Olbermann donated money to the re-election campaigns of a couple of the Democrats that often came on his show. NBC found out. They suspended him, which made sense because if you’re doing something closely resembling journalism, donating money to candidates is a Bozo-no-no. You’ve gotta take the wrath.

However, public outcry made that suspension a really short one. Olbermann was back, he came out swinging, and didn’t care that one of the people he was swinging at was NBC.

So they let him go, shortly after Comcast completed the purchase of NBC. Everyone has tried to tell me that these two events aren’t at all related. In a related story, there is a Santa Claus. The fact that I’m said the latter thing means that I could believe the former…at least I could if a frontal lobotomy were involved.

I was wondering where Olbermann would end up. He’s kind of burned his bridge at ESPN so heading to the House of Mouse was out. While I would have loved to have seen he and Bill O’Reilly wandering the same halls, I sort of knew he wouldn’t end up at Fox either. Olbermann might have made a good host on VH1, BET or MTV. Can you imagine him talking with the “Mob Wives” or the “Basketball Wives”? That would have been some of the most sarcastic television I’ve seen in a long time.

Fortunately for him, Vice President Al Gore saved Olbermann from all that. He put him on his network, Current TV. Granted, you really have to know where to look to find that particular station, but the fact that the VP has chosen to not only give Olbermann his old 8 p.m. time slot, (something that’s probably gonna kill “The Ed Show” on MSNBC by the way), but also control of the news product at his network means that he’s kinda serious.

And not a moment too soon.

Because we’re currently in a world where we worry more about whether or not our elected officials screw around on their wives or are putting their dickshots on Twitter than we do the fact that they’re trying to screw the American public without at least taking it out to dinner first, we kind of need Olbermann. Like him or not, he brought up issues that we needed to talk about, and not just the big ones.

It is for this reason that I welcome Keith Olbermann’s return to the airwaves on Monday at 8 p.m. I’ve missed his righteous indignation on a variety of topics. Here’s a Special Comment on the Anthony Weiner saga. Unfortunately, the Congressman resigned today. Score another victory for the holier-than-thou.

(And by the way President Obama, if you ever found yourself in Congressman Weiner’s shoes, you wouldn’t have to worry about resigning your office. Having been a black woman for 47 years, I can say with no fear of contradiction that Michelle would kill you, thus saving you the trouble.)

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