A Refresher Course


  1. Nice to see the Mad (Political) Scientist bringing the pain again. Let's hope it doesn't take a bunch of cheap, pandering political whores like Newt Gingrich and Harry “Amoeba” Reid to arouse your righteous wrath.

    But you're right. I'm right. Barack Obama, Keith Olbermann and 30 percent of the American public are right. Everyone else is wrong.

    And we just have to keep telling them the truth until they remember it was 17, not 2.5 million American Muslims that attacked us on 9/11.


  2. Jeff,
    I concur, but why is the negative message, constantly being fed as the truth? Then you have wishy-washy
    professional politicians like Harry Reid, whose allegiance is to NO-one but himself! If the Repugs take back the House and the Senate, blame
    it on the “spineless” Democrats, who voted WITH Bush, throughout the long, hard, slog we experienced since 2000. God Bless you,

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