Michael, Michael, Michael

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First of all, I love the Rachel Maddow Show. She’s as snarky as Keith Olbermann without also being a blowhard (which, although I’m also an Olbermann fan, he is a blowhard.)

Secondly, check out this video. It talks about the election of Michael Steele, the former Lieutenant Gov. of Maryland, as the new chair of the Republican National Committee.

(I’m guessing that the RNC is a lot like America these days: so fucked up that they figured it wouldn’t hurt to let a black guy run it for awhile.)

As part of this video, Melissa Harris-Lacewell, a political science professor from Princeton, talks about why Steele got the nod from the GOP. Apparently, this isn’t an attempt to bring blacks into the party….it’s an attempt to take steal some of President Barack Obama’s coalition building activity. She likened it to going to Krypton to get the Kryptonite needed to defeat Superman.

Apparently, according to Harris-Lacewell, the selection of Steele was more about getting the “lily white” tag taken off of the party and giving it a sheen of inclusiveness.

Yeah, okay. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

But I know that Steele is going to have his work cut out for him…..and most of the issues are going to come from those whom he’s been chosen to lead.

There are no people of color in the Senate or the House from the Republican Party. The the only people of color this party seems to attract are people who either don’t know what they’re doing (former Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez) or are easily ignorable (former Secy. of State Colin Powell, although I don’t see how you ignore a Four Star General).

Steele almost lost the race to a guy who sent the CD “Barack the Magic Negro” to friends as a Christmas present. And, a new survey of Republicans says they would rather have Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as their leader.

Can someone say “window dressing”? Sure you can.

Once upon a time, I knew a lady whose job it was to bring more people of color into the Republican Party. This was during the time that Strom Thurmond roamed the earth and Trent Lott said that his segregationist theories were the way the country should have gone.

I asked her if she ever felt like telling the members of her party that did this kind of thing “Will you shut the fuck up!? You’re making my job impossible!”

She admitted she did. I predict that Steele will utter that particular sentence at some member of the RNC before his tenure ends.

Now the “N” word race really begins: Who will hear it first? Steele or Obama?

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