A "Ward" of Contradictions

Have you ever seen a conundrum in person?

If you haven’t, please look to the right of my column here and avail yourself of the visage of one Wardell Anthony Connerly.

If you’re wondering why I consider Mr. Connerly a conundrum, it’s because one minute he can be totally right about something, and on the other hand be totally and completely wrong about something else.

For example, Connerly’s group, the American Civil Rights Institute, believes that thinking that discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people is wrong. But the group also believes, as I alluded to on Monday, that the 1965 Voting Rights Act should be repealed because Barack Obama is now the president and because of this, people of color have no more problems utilizing their franchise.

Folks who think that the Civil Rights acts of the 1960s were just the beginning of the struggle for equality for people of color have spent countless hours damn near scratching holes in their heads in an attempt to understand Ward Connerly.

This gentleman has spent most the last 20 years trying his best to pretend that racism and discrimination still doesn’t exist in this country. From California’s Proposition 200 to Michigan’s Proposal 2, this dude’s been busy in the name of something else that has made me damn near scratch a hole into my head at times….the notion that white folks have been hurt by people of color asserting themselves into society.

And his next target is the Voting Rights Act. People of color don’t need it anymore, you know. One of us is president. (Although in Connerly’s world, Obama is only black for the purposes of saying that racism is dead.) There’s no more impediment to voting.

That Connerly believes that tells me that he doesn’t get out much. Because if he did, he might have seen black students finding a hard way to go when they tried to vote in Florida in 2000. Or he might have seen some of the irregularities that have taken place since when it comes to voting.

You know, if Connerly actually left the Church of the Poisoned Mind that he lives in, he’d probably notice that the folks demanding enforcement of the Voting Rights Act the loudest are white.

Yeah, dude. White. White folks are complaining about being denied the right to vote. Check that out!

There are so many blogs, websites, and other things in cyberspace complaining about the voting system in this country that it’s ridiculous. And almost all of them are run by white folks. White folks that saw a guy that they didn’t want in the White House go in and stay for 8 years took to the Internets and started logging all of the voting irregularities they saw.

So, Mr. Conundrum, might I suggest before you start assuming that this particular group right needs to go the way of the DoDo, you check out who you’ll be tangling with this time around.

One comment

  1. Dear Niecey,Girl, you know I love you, but <>NIGGA, PLEASE!!!!<>So fucking WHAT, if Ward the House Slave Connerly is for gay marriage! Hitler had a girlfriend and was kind to babies and puppies (as long as they weren’t Jewish). If Ward the House Slave had been around when Nat Turner was around he would have either snitched on Nat or tried to save massa’s life.Sorry D.C., but like the man said in <>A Soldier’s Story<>, when it comes to the Ward Connerlys of the world, “the Black race can’t afford ya no more.”

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