The good, the bad, and the weird…

First of all, it bugs the hell out of me that the so-called “Free Speech” zone at this convention is a cage that’s kept so far away from the Pepsi Center that it makes you feel like you’re in another country….one that doesn’t necessarily value freedom of speech.

But now that I’ve gotten that off of my chest, here’s some of the stuff that I’ve learned over the last couple of days.

1-Conventions bring out the strangest folks possible. I mentioned in my first post from here in Denver that I saw, among other things, a truck with a sign on the side that has Barack Obama on one side and a dead fetus on the other. A couple with a similar sign was stationed out in front of the Colorado Convention Center.

My sources here in Denver say that this couple walked into the African American Caucus meeting and started calling Obama a baby killer, something that came real close to starting a riot and led to them being escorted out by security.

I caught up with the folks with the sign today and asked them the obvious question, which was “Where in the hell did you get the picture of the dead fetus?” Apparently, Randall Terry of the pro-life organization Operation Rescue likes to hand them out to folks.

I then asked what proof that they had that Obama himself killed any babies, and they pointed to his pro-choice voting record. I decided to discontinue the conversation once the guy, who was from Iowa, started to cry and tell me that he would lay down his life for the unborn and that God would take his life if he didn’t come here to protest.

Now why these guys got a prime spot in front of the convention center and Recreate 68, a group committed to having demonstrations about everything from the war in Iraq to a possible dust up with Iran, is relegated to a cage behind the Pepsi Center is beyond me.

2-If I ever meet Osama Bin Laden, I’m bitch slapping him because his fucking terrorist attack has made security so tight here that it’s really pissing me off! I’ve been searched so much that I feel like I’m at the damned airport and SWAT teams are literally on every corner. I feel like I’m in Prague.

But then again, some news that came out yesterday kind of makes me glad that some of this crap is in place. You see, some of my “friends” in the White Supremacist community have come to play, complete with guns and ammo.

Anyone who doesn’t know what that means, pay close attention: white supremacists+black candidate for president+guns and ammo=assasination attempt.

I’m not surprised by this bit of news, but it does break my heart. Why? Just why?


3-I missed Michelle Obama’s speech last night. Apparently, it was very good and she acquitted herself well.

For those of you who are like me and missed the speech, here it is, thanks to my folks from YouTube.

Be back a little later with reaction to Hillary Clinton’s speech tonight. Should be interesting.

One comment

  1. Welcome to the Circus of the Absurd. You know there are a lot of fanatics in this world. As for security, you need to see if you can find their procedures in the original German in which they were printed. There might be a swastika next to it. Somewhere Richard Daley Sr. is envious of Denver and all their instruments of repression. He’s like the Joker in the Michael Keaton version of Batman where do they get all those “fun toys.” Chris Murray for the Chris Murray Blog…in the top of the 12th inning in the Phillies press box

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