Before Denver, The Shaolin…

Okay, I want to see a show of hands from everyone who’s surprised that Hillary Clinton managed to get her name entered into the presidential nomination roll call at the Democratic National Convention.

Now I’d like to see a show of hands from those who believe that in the end, she’ll do the party unity thing, step aside, give Barack Obama her delegates, and go gently into that good night.

If you raised your hand either time, the weed known as “Pineapple Express” really exists, you have some, and you really need to share because it’s obviously such good shit that it causes hallucinations.

As I said in an earlier post, the main reason that I wanted a credential for the Democratic National Convention was because I wanted to see who threw the first chair when it came time to do the delegate roll call.

Hopefully, the Pepsi Center’s chairs are all nailed down, otherwise someone’s gonna get hurt.

Apparently a deal was struck between the Obama and Clinton campaigns to let her and her delegates have their moment in the sun. Obama says it’ll help bring party unity to let everyone vent and have their say.

I dig what you’re saying, dude. If you get all of the bad feelings out in the open, you have a better shot of solving the problems and getting everyone to join hands and sing kumbaya by the time you all leave on the Friday morning after the convention, thus giving you a shot at a unified effort in the fall.

But what you’re thinking only works if you’re dealing with folks who are at all logical or solution based in their thinking, which in this case you’re not.

You’re dealing with a group of people who steadfastly believe that (a) You stole the nomination from their candidate who they believe deserves it; (b) If they call you a “sexist” loudly enough, they can pick off some of your superdelegates, thus giving their candidate the nod and (c) Are willing to as someone said to me recently, throw the country off the cliff to ensure that in four years their candidate can come riding in on a white horse to save the day.

In other words, Senator, you’re not dealing with people who are going to bother to listen to reason. You’re dealing with people who are bringing their machetes to Denver to do what the Rev. Jesse Jackson only wished he could.

So since you’ve put yourself in this position, my hope is that you have some WuTang Clan on your IPOD Senator, and that this particular song is among your selections. I think that the Wu in this case is giving you the best advice that you’ll receive all convention:

But you know something, I’m still trying to figure out why DNC Chairman Howard Dean, Obama, and everyone else is bending over so far backward to placate Hillary Clinton and her supporters. If you bend any further back, there’s going to be some back surgery needed to fix all of the vertebra being broken here.

I can understand that you don’t want anyone to feel left out, and I remember attending more than a few gatherings after last May’s mayoral primary here in Philly where folks who really didn’t like each other tried to get together and do what they thought was best for the city.

But the line between making folks feel welcome and placating them to the point of spoiling them rotten is a thin one and it’s so close to being crossed now that it’s ridiculous. This latest concession, at least in my opinion, should be the last. The time has come for someone to tell these folks that their tantrums will no longer be tolerated and that if they persist in acting like children, they’ll be put in time out like bad children are these days.

Or, if I can put it more bluntly, it’s time to come out of the damned playpen and start acting like adults. Rolling around on the floor and stomping your feet stopped being cute when you were 5.

Besides, I still say that if the roles were reversed and it were Obama’s supporters causing all of this ruckus, they wouldn’t be getting indulged at the level that Clinton’s supporters have been.

I’ll be live from Denver starting August 24. You can keep up with the craziness here and at a few other places that I’ll list before I go.



  1. I can’t understand why it’s such a big deal if her name is entered into the nomination process. After all it would not be the first time that we have had multiple people nominated.I’m not going with the Hillary nut cases who are trying to get Obama’s nomination over turned but I see nothing wrong with having her nominated. Based on what I have read (from normal people, not Obama haters) this would the best way to handle this situation.

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