More injustice for Danieal

Here’s today’s entry for the “How the fuck do you walk around with balls that big?” file.

The parents of Danieal Kelly have filed a lawsuit against all of the provider agencies, the City of Philadelphia, and the State of Pennsylvania in connection with the 14-year-old’s death by starvation in 2006.

I wrote about Danieal a week ago after reading the grand jury report on her death. Her mother, Andrea, was charged with murder and other offenses for allowing her to starve to death with little water or food and her father, Daniel, was charged with neglect and reckless endangerment.

And now, according to today’s Philadelphia Daily News, these two assholes are trying to get paid. The $50,000 negligence suit was filed yesterday, as was a suit on behalf of Danieal’s older brother Troy, who was so distraught over his little sister’s death that he tried to commit suicide.

I’ve got no problem with Troy trying to be compensated. According to the grand jury report, he would sneak food and water in to his sister when he would come and visit. (He lived outside the home.) If he’s given money, it’ll probably go toward helping his remaining eight brothers and sisters.

But Andrea and Daniel? Come on now. You knew you were wrong when you hired the lawyer. You don’t deserve compensation. You deserve to have to live in the same waste ridden, roach infested conditions that you left your daughter in.

Let’s hope that the Feds decide that the “Son of Sam” law applies here and tells these clowns where to put their lawsuit. Or, if it’s allowed to go forward, let’s hope that any money that is gained from this goes to anyone other than this less-than-dynamic duo.


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