"Mud spelled backwards, is Dum"

So much for that whole “Obama/Edwards Democratic Presidential Ticket” thing, huh?

I think that in the case of the John Edwards affair fiasco, the above quote from that noted sage Bugs Bunny, says it best. Sure, the National Enquirer tends to wallow in the mud, but when you’re busted coming out of the Beverly Hills Hilton with a woman who is not your wife while the Television Critics Association of America is having its summer meetings, something that practically ensures you of immediate press coverage, you’re looking kinda dumb.

In fact, you’re officially functioning at a level of stupid that’s close to frontal lobotomy-ville.

My mom always says that there’s nothing that you can do in the dark that won’t come out in the light. Gary Hart, Jesse Jackson, and even Bill Clinton could have told you that if the National Enquirer has found out about your other woman, the mainstream media will eventually get the memo, Senator Edwards. Even if you deny it vehemently, get all of your staffers to deny it, and even get your mama to deny it, if the media sees the smoke, the fire is going to be found.

Having been both a heterosexual woman and a political reporter for a lot of years, it doesn’t surprise me much when I see men, particularly powerful men, get their dog on. As Chris Rock puts it, a man is only as faithful as his options. When you’re youngish, good looking, and running for president, you’ve got plenty of options.

But in the case of John Edwards, he also has a wife that’s battling terminal cancer. Granted, she was in remission when he started this affair in 2006, but that’s beside the point. That because he lied about the affair she’s being hit with this now is more than a little uncool.

In fact, if Elizabeth Edwards wants to borrow one of my bats, it’s in the mail, baby. The only thing that would have been worse is if she had been made to stand beside him as he admitted this crap during a press conference.

But I personally don’t think that Edwards’ political career is done because of this, despite the bleating of most political pundits. Why? Because if we took all of the men who have fucked around on their wives and lied about it out of politics, we wouldn’t have a lot of men in office. In fact, we’d be run almost exclusively by women.

I’m sure that once the moral outrage passes, that reality will hit home.



  1. It would also help if you’re gonna cheat at least <>try<> to “upgrade” from what you’ve already got.Rielle Hunter ain’t exactly high-powered if you’re feeling me. But Morgan “Still Driving Miss Daisy” Freeman sends his love. Now if somebody can come up with a picture of Barack playing tonsil hockey with Scarlett Johannson we might REALLY have a scandal worth talkin’ about.

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