Another step toward the Bar Brawl

I may have mentioned that I’m working on getting my credential to the Democratic National Convention.
Tomorrow is one of those reasons why. The folks in North Carolina and Indiana make their voices heard in their respective primaries. As usual, I’ll be blogging live, probably from my house.
(on a side note, a big thank you to the folks at Temple University’s TECH center for letting me blog from there during the Pennsylvania Primary. An extra special thanks goes out to Joe Williams, who looked out for me in the same way that he used to when he was one of my producers at WRTI in the 90s.)
According to the folks on MSNBC, the race moves from the campaign trail and into the back rooms where the superdelegates play after tomorrow. Neither Sen. Hillary Clinton or Sen. Barack Obama is going to have the number of delegates needed to clinch the Democratic presidential nomination after Indiana and North Carolina, so these superdelegates are going to have to do their job and make the decision.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I want to be on the convention floor in Denver in August. I want to be there because as a journalist, you should cover a bar brawl at least once.
Democratic National Committee chair Howard Dean has told the superdelegates that they have to have their minds made up by June. Personally, I think this is his way of trying to hand the nomination to Hillary Clinton “for the good of the party”.
Just a word to the wise Howard. Unless you want the Democratic Party to be in the minority forever, you won’t give Hillary the nomination if Barack is ahead in pledged delegates and popular vote.
You see, if my unscientific poll is any indication, you’ll bleed independents, blacks and young people. You’ll definitely bleed crossover Republicans.
In a logical world, that wouldn’t happen. But since Democrats are the only people that I’ve ever seen shoot each other in the foot and then complain because everyone’s disabled, I can totally see it.
Thus, I want to be at the convention to see who’s arm gets ripped off and whom it’s used to beat.
I’ll see you tomorrow and we’ll see what the analysts say.
But remember something. No matter what, Hillary’s not dropping out. She’s got her finger in the pin of the Superdelegate Grenade and she’s ready to pull it, no matter whom she hurts in the process. So don’t ask me if she’s dropping out should she lose either or both primaries tomorrow. It ain’t happening.



  1. hehehe… Shows how differently people see things. I think Dean is trying to push the super delegates to show their votes for Obama!!In any case I see no reason why this should not go to the convention. After all it is called a nominating convention. Most often these conventions are nothing but a big party and not worth watching.I think the super delegates should be dumped in the future. Not too sure that they shouldn’t be dumped now. If we don’t count those people then the number needed to nominate would be less and we could get the show on the road and can this crap already! I am totally sick of this campaign.I hope you make it to Denver.

  2. Yeah, I think Dean is 100% behind Obama. I mean, shit, he’s all about the 50 State strategy, and Obama is embodying that. Plus, all of Dean’s supporters are now Obama supporters. And Dean has come out and said that he will not seat the delegates in Michigan and Florida the way the Clinton campaign wants him to, so I think that’s in our favor too. šŸ˜‰

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