Should you find yourself at home tonight…

take a moment to check out Bill Moyers Journal on PBS.
His guest is the most talked about man of the cloth since Jim Bakker, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. After weeks and weeks of having everything from his connection to Barack Obama to his patriotism speculated on, he’s going to have his say.
And I must commend him on the journalist that he’s about to say it to.
I go to a lot of journalism conferences and, to be honest, I’m impressed by very few people. I see the Stuart Scotts, Anderson Coopers, and Al Rokers of the world and while I appreciate their talents, they don’t impress me.
Now Bill Moyers, he, like the Newshour’s Ray Suarez and Gwen Ifill, and Democracy Now! hosts Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez, impresses me.
He doesn’t care what you think about the information he’s presenting. He just cares that you got the information. Unlike most journalists these days, he doesn’t let corporate titans, government big-wigs, or anyone else keep him from the truth.
That’s why I’m glad that Rev. Wright chose to go on his program. While he’s going to get asked some tough questions, I know deep down that they’ll also be fair. Moyers does his homework.
That’s why he and Suarez, are the only journalists of whom I have an autographed picture.
If you’re in Philly, you can check out Bill Moyers Journal at 9 p.m. on WHYY-TV12. If you don’t live here, go to for more information.
Also, let me know what you thought of the interview. I’d really be interested.


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