Some more media stuff

I’m going to put more on this in my Out and About column for the Philadelphia Public Record.
But I have to say that I’ve been more than a little disappointed with the media coverage of the Pennsylvania Primary.
In fact, let me expand that to include the whole presidential race.
The job of journalists, or at least how it was always taught to me, is to go out, get the news, present it, and allow the public to decide what it believes or doesn’t believe.
Instead of journalists doing that, they have instead been deciding who the front runner is, who should step out of the race, whether or not a candidate should be harshly questioned for the general election, and what non-issues to harp on.
In other words, the Fourth Estate has treated this more like a WWE contest than a contest to decide who gets to clean up the mess left by the last person that was allowed to skate into the presidency because the media focused more on manufactured issues than on real ones, you know, like that little altercation we’re in in Iraq.
But the Associated Press Managing Editors gave John McCain a standing ovation when he spoke to their group last week.
Why do I get the feeling that I’m going to be working overtime on this blog come the general election?


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