Since I’ve been blogging here…

I’ve had friends of mine call me regarding the results of the Pennsylvania Primary. Some of them are pretty heartbroken because they’re Obama partisans and were hoping that he’d bring Clinton down for once and for all.
First of all, no matter what happened tonight, Clinton wasn’t dropping out of the presidential race. Girlfriend is committed to staying in until the bitter end. Even though Obama has raised his delegate total by another 65 delegates, meaning that she hasn’t gained much with the 75 she’s picked up, Clinton isn’t going anywhere.
Second of all, let’s face it. Pennsylvania is a Hillary state. It’s filled with white, blue collar folks. Despite not actually having lived in Scranton for years and having attended not only one of the Seven Sisters schools but also an Ivy, she can at least pretend that she speaks their language.
And thirdly, and this is most important, you should have known what was going to happen because Ed Rendell all but guaranteed it. He said six weeks ago that there were Pennsylvanians that wouldn’t vote for a black man, even one with a white mom.
Everyone got in Ed’s ass when he said it, but not because he was wrong, but because he was telling a secret that everyone knew anyway. Having lived in Pennsylvania’s Alabama section for nearly three years and watched as a friend of mine got run out of town for trying to enforce the federal fair housing laws, I can safely say that Ed was being kind.
Although, I can also say that it’s a good thing he’s not running for reelection.
I’ll have a good postmortem of the primary for you tomorrow. I’m going home to try and get some sleep now.


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