Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow…

There’s usually not much to find special about Tuesdays.
But tomorrow is going to be a special Tuesday because the six-week long slog that is the Pennsylvania Primary will finally come to an end.
Not a dignifed end, mind you, but an end nonetheless.
Over the last six weeks we’ve been subjected to the kinds of stuff that no group of voters should be. Stuff like Hillary Clinton doing shots (in Indiana, but it was supposed to prove that she’s down with the blue-collar workers in Pennsylvania), Barack Obama bowling (a 37? I can bowl a 37 with the flu), and the kind of pandering that makes having a monarchy seem like the way to go after all.
On top of all that, we have a First District State Senate race that’s going to be a hot one. When your state senator retires because he’s got a 139-count indictment, and the frontrunner for his seat has got some legal issues of his own, it gets interesting.
But thank God, it’ll be over tomorrow.
And I’ll have the returns and my impressions up on this blog as they come in. I don’t know where I’m blogging from, but I will be blogging….possibly from someone’s campaign headquarters.


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