War time

Finally! A fucking issue!
A couple of folks from Philly asked about the War In Iraq and whether or not the candidates mean their plans to end it.
Clinton stuck to her promise of withdrawing troops beginning 60 days after her inauguration. Says she’ll make it clear to the Iraqis that they no longer have a blank check and need to do their part.
Gibson followed up with Gen. David Petreaus contention that the gains in Iraq could be wiped out at anytime. Clinton responded by saying that despite that reality, other problems need to be addressed, such as Afghanistan. Don’t know what will happen if US withdraws, but we do know what happens if we stay. Iraqis won’t take responsibility while we’re there.
Obama says that the generals don’t set the mission, the president does. A bad mission’s been set by our current Commander in Chief and we need to start getting troops out. No permanent bases. Once it’s set up, generals can question, but in the end, the buck stops with the president. We’re overstretched and have no reserves. It’s not a sustainable policy.
Stephanopolis asks about a possible Iranian attack against Israel…Should it be seen as an attack against the US? Obama says that the first thing to do is to keep nukes away from Iran, and offer carrots and sticks to keep them from getting nukes. Will take no option off the table, and Israel and other allies had better be left alone.
Clinton says that we should be looking to create an umbrella of deterrance for Iran, since the country is trying to intimidate people. Called for diplomatic engagement with Iran, but at lower levels, deter other countries from wanting nukes, can’t permit Iran to become a nuclear power. The Bush Administration has failed to convince the rest of the world how important this is.

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