Returning from a long minute

I said in my final post last night that I would be back in a minute.
According to my watch, it’s 1:35 p.m. here on the East Coast. Since I stopped blogging at about 9:45 p.m. last night, I’ve been off the air for what’s probably the longest minute in history.
However, I needed the time. If I had written this post immediately after sitting through that farce of a debate, it would have been more “Def Comedy Jam” than “Meet the Press.” When someone takes more than an hour of my life that I’ll never get back and rewards me with less than nothing in the information department, I tend to get angry.
If you were an undecided Pennsylvania voter in search of the information you’d need to make a final decision on Tuesday, and you were hoping to get it from last night’s debate, you got screwed because information on substantive issues was sorely lacking.
As if that wasn’t enough, I had given the students in my journalism class the task of making up “spin room” questions, using the debate as a basis.
I can only imagine the really bad questions that they’re going to come up with. Thing is, it’s not going to be their fault. You can’t make a great cheesesteak if you have bad meat.
Yeah, Yeah, I know. Stereotypically Philly. Sorry. Can’t help myself.

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