Now we get to the irrelevant part…

Gibson asks Obama about his “bitter” comment regarding Pennsylvanians. Although he says he mangled it, people still think he means it, he said.

Obama explained his point by saying that when people don’t have a ear in Washington and promises aren’t kept, people look for what they’re used to. Prominence is given to things such as guns and religion instead of a lack of healthcare and economic want. Am

Clinton talked about her grandfather from Scranton, said he didn’t cling to religion when Washington isn’t listening. Says it’s a misunderstanding of faith. They also don’t cling to guns and hunting and other things. People are frustrated, but she can see where people might be offended. We must respect one another, listen to one another. Time in Pennsylvania has told her that no matter how frustrated, people will go to

George Stephanopolis asks Clinton if Obama can beat McCain, despite her telling Bill Richardson that he can’t. She says he’ll have to, thinks he can win but that she’s better. Cites her coalition and her ability to fight Republican attacks.

Obama says that he can’t be an elitist against people of faith because he is one. Talked about Clinton’s attack against him regarding his statement, but also brought up how she got torn apart from the whole “staying home and baking cookies” thing. Says she got the wrong lesson from what happened to her because by attacking him, it was politics as usual and it does nothing to help those who are struggling to make ends meet.

Clinton talked about her record of achievement and experience, talks about connection and respect.

I’m sorry, but I have to opine a little here. I’m more than a little tired of Clinton talking about her 35 years of experience. I have to agree with Chris Rock here. Just because you slept in the White House for eight years doesn’t mean that you know how to run the country. I really wish that someone would call her on that. Maybe I will later.

By the way, we got our first Mayor Michael Nutter/Chelsea Clinton sighting. Let’s make this a drinking game. Every time I mention either Chelsea or Nutter, do a shot.


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