More non-issue stuff

Talking about Rev. Wright…..again.

Has already asked Obama about it, he talked about it.
Now Clinton is talking about it, and basically re-states her contention that she would have left the church, you get to choose your pastor, she says.
Obama says he didn’t hear the remarks because he wasn’t there. But Gibson is reminding him that he rescinded his invite to Wright to his presidential candidacy announcement. Even Clinton’s pastor says Wright is being treated unfairly, he said. Church has done outstanding work for many years. Also says that unless we bridge divides, problems won’t be solved.
Stephanopolis asks perhaps the most stupid question of the night, although the night is young and there’s more time. Does Rev. Wright love America as much as you do? Can we talk about how big an idiot he is? Obama has to once again say that he’s disowned the comments and also says that as a former Marine, he is just as patriotic.
Clinton says that this whole thing deserves more exploration. Brings up the whole “bringing people together and combatting bitterness” thing. Can choose your friends, but this man has Louis Farrakhan as a friend and allowed the head of Hamas room on the church’s program.
But Stephanopolis says that Americans think Clinton’s dishonest. One voter says she’s lost her vote over the whole Bosnia thing. Embarassed by it, said it was a mistake. Can you overlook it? Namechecks Wesley Clark (I knew that it was him that I saw earlier today.) Admits she wasn’t accurate, but manages to bring it back to the experience argument. Says its an advantage against McCain.
Obama, e-mails regarding Clinton’s honesty. He says that she has a strong record to run on, but commented on Bosnia issue when asked. But both of us are working as hard as we can to say what we’d do as president. Both of them deserve to make errors. But he hopes that these errors don’t overshadow the fact that this is a big election with a lot of things at stake. For us to be obsessed with errors is mistaken. Campaign has been about how to bring up specific issues and to change the culture in Washington regarding reform.
Electability: Some woman in Latrobe asked Obama why he doesn’t wear an American flag pin. Says he reveres it and that he wouldn’t be running for president if he didn’t revere America. No other country where his story is even possible. Wants to focus on the issues and says that when people see him debate McCain, won’t be thinking about patriotism, will be thinking about how to make things better. A manufactured issue.
Stephanopolis, asking about his association with a guy from the Weather Underground, makes Obama’s point for him.
Clinton, brings up Woods Foundation board, and his relationship with Weather Underground guy. Says she wishes that the Republicans would just apologize and not run anyone, but says she can better withstand Republican attacks, and they definitely will on this issue.
Obama points out that Bill Clinton pardoned two members of the Weather Underground, and that’s more than serving on a board with one. Also says he can take a punch. Bottom line is folks want to know how to move the country forward. Debate he’s confident that he can win.
Commercial break is here, thankfully.
Now that we’ve taken care of all of the bullshit, can we get to some fucking issues, please!!!!!!!!!

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