And now, the end is near….

I’m on a panel at the Unity 2008 conference called “God, Guns and Gays” that’s going to talk about the wedge issues that Republicans use to divide the electorate.
Here’s the guns part of this debate.
(By the way, Clinton mentioned Nutter in her answer, so you all have to take a drink)
Clinton called for the reinstatement of the COPS program to put more cops on the street. Talked about illegal guns and how she’ll make sure that police know that someone is nuts before giving them a gun. Wants to bridge the divide between legal gun owners and illegal gun owners.
Obama was asked if DC’s anti-gun law is unconstitutional. He says that just because you have an individual right doesn’t mean that the government can’t determine how that right is used. Gibson then brought up a questionnaire that Obama allegedly answered that says he’s against handguns and wants them banned.
(By the way, Charlie Gibson is a handwriting expert. He says Obama’s handwriting was on this questionnaire. Obama says it wasn’t.)
Clinton asked about DC Law, says she’s for for local control. Does she favor licensing and registration of handguns? Supports what works in New York. No blanket rules for country.
Obama was asked about Affirmative Action for both kids of color and poor whites. Asked how he’d change AA so that rich black kids (whomever they are) aren’t getting an unfair advantage over poor white kids. Obama says let’s look at totality of kid. Make sure that those who have been locked out of opportunity are given a chance.
Clinton, in favor of college aid, early childhood ed, look at what trying to achieve differently. Change the goals. Invest in young people.

Here’s the lightening round:
Gas prices: Clinton met with truckers in Harrisburg. Will investigate gas prices, would like to see us have a windfall profits tax on companies that are making a killing. Longterm energy strategy needed. More foreign energy dependent than we were before Sept. 11. Will change that.
Obama says that we have to investigate gouging and agrees with windfall profits tax. Raise fuel efficiency standards on cars. Get serious about investing in new technologies. Create alt. energy strategies.
How to use George W. Bush as a former president: Using example of President George H.W. Bush and President Clinton as tsunami representatives a good thing, Clinton says it’s a show of strength.
Obama says he’d be more likely to use Bush’s dad than Bush himself for advice. Been locked in divided so long that we don’t listen.
Maybe it’s me, but I sure would have loved to see the gas price question earlier.
And hey, there’s a new Geico caveman commercial! It was pretty funny. It featured the caveman dancing.
If that doesn’t tell you how bad this debate has been, nothing is going to.


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