Welcome to the Show

Hey everyone,
My name is Denise Clay and I’d like to welcome you to my own little slice of blogdom, The Mad (political) Scientist.
Or, simply put, this blog is my way of watching the one reality show that no one really watches nearly as closely as they should, the American Political Process, from the front row.
And man, what a sight it is! If the American people really knew what politicians were doing on their behalf…..
Here’s a little about me. I’ve been a journalist for about 16 years and have returned to my alma mater, Temple University, to get my masters degree. I’m an adjunct journalism professor in Temple’s School of Communications and Theater and I write a column for a local political newspaper, the Philadelphia Public Record. You can catch my column, Out and About, by going to http://www.phillyrecord.com/ and hitting the “Out and About” tab.
(I hate that title, by the way. But I’m stuck with it now.)
The Public Record is another one of the reasons that I’m doing this blog.
One of the problems that I have with modern journalism is that newspaper publishers and advertisers are far too close to each other. Unfortunately for me, the Public Record has that problem.
Because of this, there’s certain things that I can’t say in my column for fear of offending our advertisers, some of whom are also public officials. There’s a level of sarcasm that I can’t get to because I might gore the wrong ox and cause advertising dollars to go by the wayside.
While I can understand that reasoning, it’s inherently wrong to me. Ninety percent of why I became a journalist in the first place was this desire that I had to offend folks who are taking taxpayer dollars and using them to screw the people that they’re supposed to represent.
That’s why the only thing that sacred cows will be any good for on The Mad (political) Scientist is really swell hamburgers. (And don’t ask for Cheez Whiz. If I don’t know what kind of cheese it derives from, I ain’t servin’ it.)
Also, I’m big, big believer in free speech. As far as I’m concerned, the First Amendment came down from Mount Sinai on stone tablets. Now do I wish some folks would just shut the hell up sometimes? Yep. But I’ll never tell anyone to do that here. If you want to be racist, misogynistic, or otherwise an asshole, feel free.
But don’t be surprised if I fight your speech, or allow others to fight your speech, with more speech. That’s what the First Amendment is all about. And until President George W. Bush has used it to wipe his ass with the way he has the rest of the Constitution, that’s how things will run here.
So I welcome you to my blog and hope that you come in (and leave) with some insights into the political process.
Or, at the very least leave with a new appreciation for sausage making.

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